Stuff Jews Don't Do


Americans Say Jews Are the Coolest

Feb 8

Put chicken in eggs

imageIt goes against the natural order of things. 

Responding to an article

The critiques brought up in this article are beyond valid. I really appreciate them being brought to the table and find them all to ring very true. This blog has very little to do with the religion of Judaism, these blog posts are jokes rooted in the experiences of being an upper middle class Jew in America.  The last thing I would ever want to do is make someone feel “less Jewish” for not taking part or taking part in these silly cultural norms so specific to my upbringing. It is true that there has been a mass movement of Jewish culture into whiteness and that this specific group of Jews is steeped in wealth.  This blog was in fact inspired by “Stuff White People Like” which has a similar tone directed at “white people” of a certain class and creed. I am so glad that the author of this post had the foresight to recognize at the end that I am not writing this out of spite or disdain for others who are not a part of this culture but rather as a way of recognizing the similarities in which my peers and I were raised in upper middle class suburban settings. 

To drive this point home, my Jewish roommate and I made a beautiful (non kugal, non kosher ) casserole just last night. 

I m Jewish and do half stuff you claim Jews don’t do

I eat at Cracker Barrel I love it in fact I data mcdonalds breakfast sometimes my Jewish mom wears Tom whatever etc please stop u don’t speak for everyone

Mar 2

Eat Ambrosia Salad

WHAT is that stuff?

Visit the Colonial South

We have no place there.

Drink glasses of milk


Eat bagels from places like Tim Hortons

Those things are really just more like bread products.

Have a “goth” phase

When this phase occurs we are usually too busy learning our Torah portions. 

Wear Tommy Hilfiger

We heard some rumor that he was anti-Semitic once and since then it’s been Ralph Lauren only.